Monthly Subscriptions Auto Pay

This page is for all parents who wish to pay monthly Auto Pay for all your child’s/family members classes. Please select the classes each of your children attend when prompted, Sibling discounts and multiple class discounts will be applied for you and the monthly total will be shown at the end.  Your monthly payment will go out on the 1st of every month automatically.

Classes are calculated on a pro rate basis. Please note Friday Butterfly classes, Saturdays Tappers and Showtime classes are based upon 46 weeks and other classes are based upon 39 weeks. For a full explanation of this or if you would like us to explain your calculation in more detail please contact us.

Jazz Tots

Jazz Tots classes for 1st child

Jazz Tots classes for 2nd Sibling

Jazz Tots classes for 3rd Sibling


Tappers classes for 1st child

Tap classes for 2nd child

Tap classes for 3rd child


Ballet classes for 1st child

Ballet classes for 2nd Siblings

Ballet classes for 3rd Siblings

Friday Butterfly Classes

Friday Butterfly Classes for 1st Child

Friday Butterfly Classes for 2nd Child

Friday Butterfly Classes for 3rd Child


ShowTime for 1st Child

ShowTime for 2nd Child

ShowTime for 3rd Child

Dance Fit

Discount 10%

Discount 20%

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